Arte brings a graphical exploration of the beginnings of the digital era for autumn/winter 2023. The beginning of the internet times are defined by simple designs with limited use of colours. From the pixelated designs to the color scheme, the collection pays a tribute to the origins of employing technology to bring life to the imaginary.


The emergence of the digital era created a new landscape of connectivity, transcending geographical boundaries. The AW23 collection not only references and rethinks several fundamental features of digitalisation, but it also celebrates the power of unity in the face of technological innovation. By blending the visual elements of modern art with pixelated designs, the collection speaks to people that appreciate both technological evolution as the nostalgic charm of the past.


New materials are introduced in the AW23 collection, offering new tactile sensations for the cold weather ahead. An eye-catching heart-pattern quilting is applied onto several pieces. The characteristic Arte color palette — white, black, navy, grey & cream — is enriched with various bright shades like electric blue, hot pink and lime green.


Click here to view & download all the campaign imagery of AW23 DROP 1.
Click here to view & download all the product imagery of AW23 DROP 1.


The first drop of the Arte Antwerp Autumn/Winter 2023 collection is ​ now online and in store at selected retailers.

Arte Antwerp

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About ARTE

Arte was introduced to the world through graphic design, but today it exists in many forms. Redefining itself with each collection of elevated streetwear, Arte combines its graphical roots with different art forms into strong visual storytelling. Through collaborations with artists and other creatives, Arte aims to further this dialogue. We believe that anything that can be perceived will be perceived, so anything that can be designed should be designed.

Arte has evolved into a thriving platform for communities around the globe, all while cementing its reputation as a brand synonymous with uncompromising quality and smart design. Each and every product is developed from an accessible and affordable perspective, yet designed differently. Arte designs different ideas that speak to different minds.