Arte and the most prestigious Belgian football club RSC Anderlecht have joined forces to create a capsule collection merging the inspiring power of football with streetwear. Uniting in their shared values and love for football culture, this collaboration is aimed at celebrating the power of community.


The collaboration brings the creative vision of Arte together with the unique cultural DNA of RSC Anderlecht. From inception to present day, Arte has been translating different artistic and (sub)cultural references into contemporary collections. Design, art, photography, music and culture all define the multidisciplinary approach of the Antwerp based brand. Joining forces with RSC Anderlecht, an iconic Belgian institution that stands for connectivity and inclusivity, signifies the merging of both universes into a new definition of the collective spirit. The collaboration unifies individuals and communities across both worlds beyond the 90 minutes on the field. 

The designs reflect different vintage football references infused with streetwear features. The central piece in the capsule collection is an exclusive football jersey in which RSC Anderlecht will face Olympique Lyon in a gala match this Saturday. It will be available for purchase as of today and is a partnership between Arte, RSC Anderlecht and its sponsor Joma. The limited collection furthermore encompasses a tracksuit, a T-shirt, a sporty longsleeve, a polo T-shirt and a scarf. From Monday 18.07.2022 the complete collection will be available online at Arte and the official fanshop of RSC Anderlecht.


For more questions or other requests, please emails to [email protected]

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About ARTE

Arte was introduced to the world through graphic design, but today it exists in many forms. Redefining itself with each collection of elevated streetwear, Arte combines its graphical roots with different art forms into strong visual storytelling. Through collaborations with artists and other creatives, Arte aims to further this dialogue. We believe that anything that can be perceived will be perceived, so anything that can be designed should be designed.

Arte has evolved into a thriving platform for communities around the globe, all while cementing its reputation as a brand synonymous with uncompromising quality and smart design. Each and every product is developed from an accessible and affordable perspective, yet designed differently. Arte designs different ideas that speak to different minds.